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(i am actually stiles stilinski.)


totally in love with lydia martin’s rave outfit


The Banshee’s Crown

This has been stuck in my head for a little while, and apparently today was the day it decided to become a little more real. Lydia is wearing Peter’s pelt as a crown, because it’s what should have happened– but you never know, it might still happen since he’s setting himself up to be the villain. Again.


Fangirl Challenge: [5/10] Female Characters  Lydia Martin

I will not fall prey to society’s desire to turn girls into emotional insecure neurotics who pull up their dresses at the first flattering remark.

lydia + orange

But maybe if I stop trying to fight it, I’ll find them before it happens.

She’s immune.

 "Banshee" is a female spirit, usually seen as an omen of death and a messanger from the Otherworld.