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“Son, just don’t.”

Combeferre to Marius pretty much all the time, Book XI (via incorrectlesmisquotes)


listen here u stale baguette 




The Winter Soldier, 1980s edition



muggleborns putting on the macarena at hogwarts school discos and all dancing to it in the middle of the room and some of the purebloods are practicing at the side of the dancefloor and falling into each other

muggleborns putting charms on other students to make them say nothing but cheesy movie quotes and people are just walking around trying to have conversations and instead they’re like “life is like a box of chocolates” “E.T phone home” “my precious”

muggleborns being asked for the time and just shouting ITS SUMMER TIME and then all nearby muggleborns start spontaneously bursting into song and spend the rest of the day teaching others about high school musical

muggleborns starting up a film club or musical club which is just for people with muggle families at first so they don’t miss the muggle world too much and then they let in other people and the first thing they watch is grease and then for a week afterwards people are dying their robes pink and starting up cliques and walking around combing their hair and saying “tell me more tell me more” all the time and the muggleborns wonder if it was a good idea

muggleborns being asked for relationship advice and being like “just don’t han solo them” or “never be like WE WERE ON A BREAK”

muggleborns making a group to educate other people on muggle words but the power gets to their heads and they start telling people that a radiator is a sex toy and google is another word for walk and apple mac is a pet name for your best friend and meme means toilet and just sit back and watch the effects of purebloods trying to act clever and talk to people with muggle families like “im googling my way downtown” 

muggleborns daring someone to run into one of the after school art classes and shout “PAINT ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENCH GIRLS” and then they run back outside and all giggle with each other


my sad (and late) contribution to the eurovision madness


 it’s been confirmed


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so this just happened on my dash





Found this gem in a Norwegian inflight magazine. Thought I’d share.