kat, ravenclaw, greek, london. my life was irrevocably ruined by daniel brühl and teen wolf. currently having too many captain america feelings.

(i am actually stiles stilinski.)

captain america: tws; the more you watch it, the gayer it gets.

i went to see tws for the fourth time today and i have so many thoughts.

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tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, accessories, shoes

No matter where I go, you will always be my mother.

Till the melodies of childish days, are upon, upon me
And they take me back, back down the river
They keep leading me on, they lead me to the sea
And all of my manhood is cast
Down in the flood of remembrance, and I weep like a child for the past.

mcu edit 58 + 59 + 60/

I’m afraid we’ll always be
a book with the end pages ripped out.

— Madisen Kuhn, Does Time Truly Heal All Wounds?


be the kind of person that Steve Rogers knows you can be

I posted this (http://stelenskeh.tumblr.com/post/82745511694/micthemicrophone-zacharieshusbando-recite-a) and then tumblr user themightybottom asked for a tongue twister an a joke and so I delivered.

"The Margaery Tyrell who walks into the Sept a fortnight from now will inspire a thousand songs.” (The Lion and The Rose, 4x02)